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If the instructions state that the essay should be approximately 500 words, how much longer can it be and still be considered acceptable?
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If a school requests a "succinct statement of approximately 500 words" (Columbia) and my statement is a concise 650, am I okay? ..... For my Columbia application, I was around 520, and as another post commented, the essay basically said the exact same thing my 1000 and 2000 word SOPs said. This, like
So if they ask for about 500 words, is 567 too many? I don't know what to cut. Bleh.
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500 word essay Approximately. @shafiqashafiee bel I tklah buat smua summary 4essay yg dia suruh cr tuu. Mampus 1essay 800 word. Sir suruh cr yg paling latest kn? Bolehlh. diversity, groupthink, shooting down bad ideas and the under appreciated benefits of listening to others. Wonderful essay by @Claudia_Sahm .
Write a four-paragraph essay of approximately (500 words) on the following topic: "Will modern technology, such as the Internet, ever replace the book or the written word as the main source of information?” Discuss. It is important that you consult the following checklist before submitting your assignment. •Introduction
Write an essay of approximately 500 words, comparing any two poems that you have read in this unit (lessons 3 through 9). Look at rhyme scheme, use of figurative language, irony and theme. In a comparison/contrast essay, you may have a paragraph of introduction, paragraphs for each of your comparison or contrast

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